Waymo Music definitely delivers "way more" than we expected from a music production team.  These guys put their best creative foot forward on every project.  Our clients such as NIKE, Reebok, FedEx, Quickbuys, Shasta and Intel demand the best from us.  When original music is in their creative plan we always turn to our sure bet - Waymo Music.

David Abravanel, President
MultiMode Media, Inc


We have used the Waymo Music and Sound Design facilities for many of our recording artists and writers. From the outstanding lead and background vocal sounds to the slamming tracks and final mixes, Waymo brings it all the way home. They always treat our staff and clients like family. Hearty recommendations.

Robert White,
Dreamworks A & R
and publishing Dept

WAYMO MUSIC and SOUND DESIGN is a platinum award winning recording and production company with clients spanning the entire entertainment spectrum. Utilizing our world-class creative team, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality original music for feature films, television, the internet, radio and recording artists.


  • NBC's "Passions"
    - Composed assorted cues
  • "The Balloon"
    - Christopher Caliendo composed and Mark Keefner mixed the entire score for this avant garde cartoon for The Cartoon Network.
  • 2003 Miss America Pageant
    Theme and Underscore
  • Britney Spears Special - "Home is Where the Heart Is"
    Theme and Underscore
    FOX Television
  • Billboard Awards - Underscore
    FOX Television
  • TV Guide Awards - Theme and Underscore
    FOX Television/Bob Bain Productions
  • 2000 "Red Cross Christmas Special"
    CBS Television Theme and Underscore
  • 2000 "Music Mania Concert"
    FOX Television - Theme and Underscore
  • 2000 "Teen Choice Awards"
    FOX Television -  Underscore
  • "Hollywood Tribute to Jodie Foster"
    TNT Network - Underscore
  • "Emotional Rain" - Episode of  "Beverly Hills 90210"
  • "Looks Like You're In Love" - Episode of "Beverly Hills 90210"
  • "This Time We'll Try Things My Way" - Episode of Knotts' Landing
  • Theme and underscoring for New World Pictures "Power Pack"
  • Various songs and underscore for the 20th Century Fox Television movie "Frankenstein, The College Years"
  • 1999 "Teen Choice Awards"
    Fox Television - Theme and Underscore
  • 1999 "Summer Music Mania Concert"
    UPN Television - Theme and Underscore
  • 1999 "Red Cross Christmas Special"
  • CBS Television - Theme and Underscore
  • "Americas' Family Network"
    The Disney Channel
  • "Do You Feel My Love" - Feature performance on television show "Big Break" by recording artist "The Concept"
  • "If You Want My Love" - Feature performance on television show "Just The Ten Of Us"
  • Theme and underscore for Nissan Promotional Video
  • Theme and underscore for Honda Promotional Video
  • "Feels Like Home" - Disney Feature Film "Father Hood"
  • "Cocaine Man" and "Cocaine Blues" - Barbour-Langley Documentary Film "Cocaine Blues"
  • Belle of Broadway
    Sony Classics Silent Films - Theme and Underscore
  • Secrets of San Simeon -Hearst Castle Special -Theme and Underscore - The Discovery Channel, Fisher/Merlis Productions
  • Scoring silents films - " A Lady of Chance" and "Taking a Rest" for Turner Classic Movies
  • "Oh Girl" song montage for Icebox.com internet cartoon "Zombie College"
  • "Where's the Fire?" - Feature Film "She's Out Of Control"
  • "Quickbuys.com - Radio and internet commercial


  • Dreamworks recording artist MYSTIC - Recorded song "No Competition" featured in the theatrical release "Biker Boyz" and also on MYSTICS' latest CD.
  • "We're Both Thinking of Her" - Tiffany - MCA Records
  • "Take Me To The River", "Small Town" and "Take It From Me" - Crystal Bernard - River North Records
  • "Still Enough Love" - Nancy Wilson - CBS Records
  • "Where Is Your Love", "All I Need", "Someday" - Jennifer Paige
  • "If You Want My Love" - Naomi Delgado - CBS/Sony Records
  • "Mo' Better Lover", "Where's The Fire", "That's What Love Is" and "Do You Feel My Love?" - Troy Hinton - MCA Records
  • "Keep On Dancing" and "For Your Love" - Stop - TSR Records
  • "Esther" and "All Along The Watchtower" - Daniel - AVS Entertainment
  • "Wrap Me Up In Love" - Sue Z - Chas Int'l Records
  • "Mission Boy", "Here It Is", "Invisible" and "Hey Angel" for Indie artist Debra Vinyard
  • "Somewhere In My Dreams", "Falling" and "Chamber Jazz" - Christopher Caliendo - Efficacy Records
  • "My Love" - Kelly Tease - SPG Records
  • "Special Day" for Songs Of Love
  • "Desperately Falling For You" for recording artist "Blush"
  • Produced and arranged CD "Nicole" - Nicole Coleman - Frontline Music Group
  • Produced and arranged CD "Room To Breathe" - Nikki Dean - Big T Music
  • Produced and arranged Indie CD "Drowning With Others"
  • Produced and arranged 3 songs for Indie artist Justin Clark
  • Produced and arranged 3 songs for Indie artist Jamie
  • Produced "Party For The World" for ENTC Productions
  • And many more!