MASTERTRAX - How it works!

Packages are available to anyone on the planet, just mail in a rough demo or email an MP3 file of your song
and we'll provide a custom quote!

Call us at 818.884.5607 to schedule an appointment or get more information.

MasterTrax Package #1
Single song
- (up to 10 hours)

Mastertrax Package #2
Three songs
- (up to 30 hours)

MasterTrax Package #3
Five songs
- (up to 50 hours)


Each package includes

  • Producer / engineer / programmer and keyboards
  • Song sequencing and arrangement
  • Digital multitrack recording of lead and background vocals
  • One of our amazing vocalists will be included in the package if needed
  • Digital multitrack recording of live instruments
  • One of our world class musicians (guitar etc.) will be included in the package if needed
  • Automated mixdown to Master quality CD
  • Each package includes two Master CDs
  • Bring your own drive for a copy of all files
  • Microphone technique and vocal coaching included upon request 
  • Song structure, lyric and melody critique included upon request